About CC

corticalcolumns’ main goal is to spread neuroscience knowledge beyond the scientific community by reporting on recent findings in a format accessible by all. The emphasis is put on science that is thought-provoking, science that one can relate to or simply science that contributes to our understanding of what the brain can do and how it does it.

We are also very active on Facebook and Twitter where we aggregate and relay cool brain science discoveries, facts and newsy info regularly. Please check us out there! Twitter account: @corticalcolumns , Facebook Page.

Future developments will include reviews on books, exhibitions and other medias related to brain science as well as interviews with members of the scientific community.

corticalcolumns is contributed by neuroscientists willing to share their knowledge and excitement about the neurosciences.

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Note on corticalcolumns: The surface of the brain is made out of a thin layer of brain cells called the cortex. In 1957, Vernon Mountcastle discovered that the cortex was functionally organized in narrow vertical domains spanning its entire thickness; he called these domains columns. More information here.

If you are a scientist, writer or journalist (or any combination of the three) and you are interested in joining us, please write to us at corticalcolumns@gmail.com!


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